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Informational Open House - November 2015
The City of San Mateo is organizing an informational open house for the two areas that were added to the flood zone with the July 2015 map release.  The areas around 20th Ave & Palm, and E. Hillsdale are invited to attend and receive information from several booths.  Representatives from FEMA are scheduled to be on site to provide information about insurance rates.  City staff will explain the flood zone areas and any building code changes residents should expect since they are now within a high risk flood zone.  This flyer was sent to all affected properties.

Wednesday, November 4th
San Mateo Police Station, 200 Franklin Pkwy
FEMA Issues Revised Map for San Mateo - July 2015
The current map shows flooding hazards associated with a storm event that would cause tidal flooding as well as flood that may occur due to residual interior flooding of Laurel Creek.  With the 2015 map release, approximately 110 homes west of El Camino Real, along Hillsdale Blvd. were removed.  This map shows which properties have been removed, as of July 16, 2015.
Flood Awareness Newsletter - June 2015
In June a newsletter was sent to all properties in the high risk flood zone in the North Shoreview and North Central neighborhoods.  This newsletter can also be viewed online by clicking here.  Design work for the remaining projects is underway and is expected to be completed in 2016.  Once the levee and pump stations have been improved, these two neighborhoods will be able to be removed from the high risk flood zone!
Flood Awareness Newsletter - July 2014
During the June community meetings in North Shoreview and North Central, Public Works promised to release a newsletter to property owners during July with the latest information.  This newsletter is now available to view online by clicking here.  It was also sent out to all email address on the City's NotifyMe email list, posted to Nextdoor.com, and was sent out via USPS to all property owners in these two neighborhoods.
City Council Authorizes Funding for Pump Stations and Levee Work
In June, City Council authorized the Public Works Department to spend $1,000,000 on the design of flood zone projects.  Up to $750,000 has been allocated for designing the rehabilitation of the Coyote Point and Poplar Ave Pump Stations.  Up to $250,000 has been allocated for the initial design of the improvements needed along the northern levees. 

During community meetings held the week of June 16th, 2014, the public works department provided a technical presentation to inform residents on the history of flood control projects completed to date and the remaining projects which need to be completed in order to remove the North Central and North Shoreview neighborhoods from the high risk area of the FEMA Flood Map.  The presentations for the North Central and North Shoreview neighborhoods can be accessed by clicking on each link.
SM Creek floodwall and Railing.JPGFlood Map Effective October 16, 2012
The levee improvements have been completed and certified by FEMA 
  • As of October 16, 2012, approximately 7,900 families living in South Shoreview, Parkside, Sunnybrae, 19th Avenue Park, and areas neighboring the Marina Lagoon no longer need to purchase mandatory flood insurance.
  • The flood status for property owners in these neighborhoods will be “low risk.” These property owners have the option of carrying a much more affordable "low risk" insurance policy. 
  • Construction of flood improvements at all four project locations was completed in late 2011
  • On March 15, 2012 FEMA certified that San Mateo's Bayfront Levees South of San Mateo Creek meet current standards to protect against the 100 year flood
  • FEMA issued a "Letter of Final Determination" to officially initiate the map revision process on April 16, 2012 
  • The revised flood map became effective October 16, 2012.    
  • FEMA will release a new preliminary map in late 2013 reflecting a few adjustments in residual flooding.  The properties affected were notified earlier this year. 

Removing North Shoreview and North Central from FEMA's "High Risk" Area
FEMA and The City of San Mateo have identified two remaining projects that need to be completed in order for the North Shoreview and the North Central neighborhoods to be reclassified as a low risk zone on the FEMA Flood Map.  Being reclassified as a low risk area is the necessary step for residents to no longer be required to carry flood insurance.  Learn more.  

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For questions related to this information or any FEMA related topic, please contact Jonathan Strange in the San Mateo Public Works Department at or (650) 522-7367.

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