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Best Practices for Property Maintenance
Proper property maintenance goes beyond what the municipal code outlines; proper maintenance leads to healthier and safer neighborhoods for our residential and commercial communities.

Code Enforcement has put together a list of best practices for maintaining your residential and/or commercial property.

Building Maintenance

Curb Appeal and Landscaping

  • Grass, weeds, and overgrowth over 12" in height must be cut. Contact Recology of San Mateo to learn how to dispose of your cuttings properly.
  • Storage of cardboard, junk, debris and furniture must not be visible from the street. TIP: Consider a small storage shed (not exceeding 120sf) to store these items.
  • Hanging clothing (clothes lines) cannot be visible from the street.
  • Garage sale signs cannot be posted on public property, utility and telephone poles, or street signs. Only one sign allowed on property of the sale.


  • Garbage cans/recycling bins and yard waste receptacles must be stored out of public view. Garbage service is required and storage of garbage on property is not allowed. Contact Recology of San Mateo to schedule regular garbage pick-up.


  • Inoperative, wrecked, or dismantled vehicles may not be visible from the street. California DMV requires that owners of inoperative vehicles file an Affidavit of Non-Use.
  • Parking of vehicles, boats, and/or trailers is not allowed on landscape portion of yard.

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