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Dance Programs

The Parks and Recreation Department has designed our dance program to fit both your schedule and your interest. We teach classes for all skill levels and a large array of different styles including:

For detailed information on any of the dance classes, see our Activity Guide.

Ballet is the art and expression of grace and beauty. Many of us took ballet as children, or wished we did. It’s never too late to reconnect with your ballet dreams. We have both beginning and intermediate ballet classes, as well as Ballet for Mature Adults, which teach the fundamentals and build on them. Ballet is a great way to improve poise, posture and muscle tone as well as capture your creative spirit.

Jazz is the dance of originality and improvisation. Our jazz classes teach the fundamentals and techniques that allow you to feel comfortable exploring different jazz styles and creating your own routines. We offer beginning and intermediate classes that include warm up, stretching, floor combinations and exciting choreography.

Hip Hop
Hip hop is a modern, funky take on jazz. It’s creative, dynamic and a great work out. Our hip hop classes range from Level I (beginners) to Levels II/III (intermediate), and teach the basics as well as how to build on them in an energetic and fun atmosphere.

Tap is a great workout that combines the creativity of dance with the cardio benefits of aerobics. Our classes are for people who have a little tap experience (even if it was years ago) and know shuffles, flaps and buffalos.

World Dance
World Dance is an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture. We have classes ranging from Hula, Belly Dance and Bollywood, to Mexican Folkloric.

Belly Dance
Belly Dance is exotic, graceful and a lot of fun. You’ll learn the basics and are encouraged to express your individuality.

Bollywood Dance
Bollywood is a high energy dance form that combines Indian classical, folk and contemporary moves to the latest Bollywood film songs. Along with the hip shaking and feet thumping, expressions is an important aspect of the dance. Plus it’s a fun way to get a great workout! 

Line Dancing
Line dancing is a great creative social activity. Line dances are taught progressively, building on the previous week’s lesson, so it’s an easy and fun way to learn. We offer a number of different line dancing classes.

Latin Social Dance
Latin social dancing encompasses excitement, elegance, spontaneity and fun. Our Latin social dance program teaches both tango and salsa, at both the beginning and intermediate levels. You don’t need a partner, just a desire to express yourself on the dance floor.

Ballroom Dance
Ballroom Dance is graceful and fun. You will learn the basics in Rhumba, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing and more. If you’ve ever dreamt of being on “Dancing with the Stars,” join this class!

Wedding Dance Workshop
Do you have an upcoming wedding and think you might have two left feet? This “couples only” workshop will help you find your graceful side as well as help you be more comfortable on the dance floor.

Swing Dance
Swing is improvisational, energetic and as fun to dance as it is to watch. Our Lindy Hop class teaches the fundamentals of swing dance and classes build on previous ones, making learning easy.

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