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Specialty Fitness and Movement Awareness Classes

If strength training or cardio is not your top choice, consider our numerous specialty fitness classes that range from working out with your child to meditating with your fellow yoga students.

Specialty Fitness

Movement Awareness

For more information as well as specific times and locations for any of the classes below, please see the activity guide.

Specialty Fitness

30 Minute Stretch Class
Stretch and relax from head to toe! You'll notice greater ease of movement and improvement in posture as you release tight muscles and feel greater length. Appropriate for all fitness levels as you'll be encouraged to listen to your body and do only what feels good.

Barre Fusion
This class combines classic ballet exercises at the barre with strength training for a full body low-impact workout. Combining concepts from ballet, yoga and Pilates we will sculpt, tone and stretch the body to achieve long lean muscles. Be prepared to sweat! No ballet experience required.

Piloxing, the newest Hollywood fitness craze, blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the sculpting and flexibility of Pilates.

POUND: Rockout. Workout.™
A combination of kickboxing and dance moves choreographed to high energy and motivating music. The ultimate cardiovascular challenge.  A unique blend of intense intervals, strength/endurance training, and a relaxing cool-down.

Stroller Barre
Adapted from Barre classes, with the use of the stroller instead! Small weights and bands are used, and our movements will lull the child and keep it interesting for Baby to watch. GREAT strengthening moves set to fun music!

Movement Awareness

Pilates: An Introduction
Learn the fundamentals of Pilates while improving posture, flexibility and range of motion.

Pilates Mat Class
Feel more energized with increased strength and movement by taking Pilates – a restorative exercise where you’ll use you entire body, enlivening all your body systems.

Learn to manage pain, reduce stress, and improve your posture and balance. This process leads you to discover existing movement patterns and develop correct ones as well as better your body alignment.

Tai Chi
Gain physical wellness, mind-body connection and stress reduction, through the introduction of
various exercises that form the foundation of the Tai Chi system.

Yoga Fusion
Combine Yoga and dance to allow every part of your body to stretch efficiently while being lengthened and strengthened.

Yoga 1
This Hatha Yoga class provides a steady flow of relaxation and guided instruction. Newcomers are welcome. Please bring a mat.

Yoga 2
Enrich your Yoga experience with new, more challenging poses. Prerequisite: one semester of Yoga 1 or previous Yoga experience.

Yoga for 50+ 
Specially designed for those new to Yoga, this class teaches easy stretches, relieves stiffness and provides great relaxation.

Beresford Outdoor Equipment Clinics
Try out our new Fitness Equipment in Beresford Park with Fitness expert Michelle Harger, our Boot Camp instructor. Michelle will demonstrate how to safely and effectively use this adjustable resistant equipment including Ab toner, Leg press, Rower and Stepper. Bring a mat.

Beresford Boot Camp
A fun and challenging outdoor boot camp style workout at Beresford Park. Each class includes a variety of activities geared towards strength training, cardio and muscular endurance, flexibility and core work, giving each participant a total body work out. All fitness levels are welcome.

Tabata Mom
This new mom and baby stroller class will help you reclaim your body! The first 20 minutes will alternate between high-intensity exercise and low-intensity recovery periods, to increase your fitness level and burn calories. Next we'll strength train and stretch to end this perfect workout for new moms. 


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