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What's Happening in Development?
Projects Under Review
2014-2022 Housing Element  PA13-070
Gas and Shop PA12-083
Hillsdale Shopping Center North Block Reconfiguration Project  Withdrawn PA13-040
Avalon Motel Redevelopment Pre-Application  PA13-047
CVS Pharmacy at Norfolk St  PA13-052
Classics at San Mateo Pre-Application PA13-058
Hillsdale Inn Redevelopment Pre-Application  PA13-059
Essex at Central Park Pre-Application  PA13-066
Schmier SFDDR PA13-074
Hillsdale Terrace Pre-Application   PA13-077
Classics at San Mateo Planning Application PA14-009
Bridgepointe Pre-Application to Amend Master Plan  PA14-019
Gum Street Townhomes PA14-025
Central Park South Planning Application  PA14-044
Century Centre Parking Structure Pre-Application  New Information PA14-045
Station Park Green Development  New Information  PA14-055
Projects Under Construction 
Please contact the Building Division at (650) 522-7172 for more information.
Bay Meadows Phase II PA07-054
Elkhorn Court Updated
(formerly Polo Court) 
Nazareth Terrace SPAR   PA10-008
1990 & 2000 S. Delaware St. Housing PA10-027
Fire Station #24 and New Temporary Fire Station   PA11-042
800 & 888 North San Mateo Drive Apartments PA11-046
St Matthew's Catholic Parish  PA10-060
St. Matthew's Episcopal School Expansion   PA11-086
2090 Delaware Apartments PA11-087
Draper University (Ben Franklin Hotel) PA12-040
Nueva High School PA12-051
Verona Ridge  PA12-118
The Carey School   PA12-075
Bosworth Residence Updated  PA12-065
2925 S. El Camino Real Appeals New Information      PA13-042
Projects with Approved Applications
Mariner's Island Condominiums PA05-096
Station Park Green PA07-030
Sadigh Mixed Use PA07-067
San Mateo Drive Condominiums PA07-123
Magnolia Place PA08-018
Monte Diablo Condominiums PA08-020
92 & Delaware Office (Hines) PA09-009
Nazareth Terrace SPAR PA10-008
Mi Rancho Market   PA11-012
San Mateo Executive Office Park  PA11-072
Barneson Townhomes PA12-009
Cal Water Operations Office Building    PA12-053
92 & Delaware Office (Hines) Development Agreement Annual Review   PA13-025
Kimochi PA13-031
Espresso Coffee Drive-Thru    PA13-049
Station Park Green Development Agreement Annual Review      PA14-008
Bay Meadows Development Agreement Annual Review #8  PA14-022

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