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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper attire for gymnastics class?
Girls should wear leotards, stretch pants or shorts and a t-shirt. Boys should wear sweatpants or shorts and a t-shirt. No shoes should be worn in class – only bare feet are allowed at all times. No clothing with zippers, buttons, or anything that would make movement difficult should be worn. Hair longer than shoulder length must be pulled back.

Can I observe the classes?
Parents and guardians are invited to attend our first class and last class meetings. You are more than welcome to take pictures and videos during these times. Please be sure to keep conversations to a minimum and turn off cell phones/pagers. During other times, we ask that parents, guardians and siblings remain outside of the gym during class time to keep distractions to a minimum.

What is the make up policy?
Due to class size limitations and room scheduling, we are not able to accommodate any make ups for missed classes.

What if I am going to be late picking up my child?
It is important that you are on time to pick up your child but in the event of an unforeseen circumstances that will make you late, please call the Beresford Front Desk at (650) 522-7440. Our late pick-up policy is $1 per minute after a five minute grace period.

What are the rules for gymnastics classes?
Our rules are intended to make sure the class is safe and fun. Please take a moment to read them.

  • Children are requested to use the restroom prior to attending class.
  • Please arrive on time to ensure your child has the time to stretch.
  • All students must stay off the equipment before and after class. Parents are requested to keep other children, not enrolled in class, off the equipment at all times.
  • No chewing gum or food of any kind is allowed during class.
  • Children must have bare feet at all times.
  • Children younger than 7 must be supervised in our lobby.
  • Parents must come into the facility to pick-up and drop off children under 10 years of age.

Can I see a lesson plan for my child’s class?
Yes, lesson plans are posted weekly in the lobby.

Can I pick the instructor for my child?
No. All our instructors are competent and talented gymnasts with a passion for the sport. We specifically designate instructors for specific classes based on their skill sets to ensure your child always has a positive and enriching learning experience.

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