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Gymnastics Programs

We offer a variety of different classes tailored to your child’s age and skill set. All our classes are taught in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment – and are guaranteed to be a favorite activity of your child.

Our classes include:

See our Activity Guide for more information on any of these highlighted classes.

Gym for ME!
Enrich your child's development. Your little one will learn basic skills in stretching, movement and tumbling using music and simple, safe equipment. A parent participation class.

Busy Bees
Discover a sport that emphasizes development of basic motor coordination through tumbling, balance and strength building activities. Children will be taught in an encouraging environment utilizing the uneven bars, balance beams and tumbling mats. A parent participation class.

Tumble Tots I and II
Designed for children to increase their fine and gross motor development, these classes teach children in a structured, yet playful environment that fosters self esteem and social interaction. Children will develop their strength, flexibility and coordination through the use of uneven bars, balance beams, and tumbling mats.

Improve on basic gymnastics skills on the uneven bars, balance beams, and tumbling mats. Children are encouraged to develop personal growth and self confidence. Prerequisite: A minimum of two sessions of Tumble Tots II AND instructors approval.

Shooting Stars
Introducing children to basic gymnastics skills and techniques on the uneven bars, balance beams and floor mats. This class emphasizes individual skill development.  

Hot Shots
Excel in this gymnastics class that offers children more complex instruction. Advanced skills are taught on the uneven bars, balance beams and floor mats. Prerequisite: A minimum of two sessions of Shooting Stars AND instructors approval. No on-line registration available.

Children will explore body movement, motor skills and balance through the use of ribbons, scarves, balls and music. Your child will learn a combination of gymnastics and dance skills.

Mat Class
Instead of having your child tumble around the house, have them tumble around our gym. Children will be taught basic and complex skills performed on the mats such as; forward rolls, cartwheels, walkovers and more.

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