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Dance Instructor Bios

We have dozens of wonderful instructors with a passion for dance.  They are not just great dancers, but also great teachers. They create a safe and enriching environment for children to stretch their bodies, minds and confidence. Our instructors believe that the best way to encourage a child to love dancing is to make dance class fun – it’s a philosophy that has worked for the last 40 years with thousands of children having learned to dance with us!

Sheri Alonso
Youth Dance Ballet & Tap Instructor
Sheri has been teaching children's dance classes for over 20 years and has instructed dance in our program since 2006. Dancing since she was 3 years old, Sheri's hope for her students is to help them disvover the same passion for dance that she has. She loves working with children and bringing the joy of dance into their lives. With a background teaching at multiple private studios here in San Mateo and in Foster City, Sheri helps her students learn basic Tap and Ballet dance technique along with balance, posture and rhythm. She is adored by her students and parents alike.

Laura Marsh

Youth Creative Dance Instructor
Laura has taught children to dance creatively for over 20 years, and she still loves the sheer joy they bring to their movements. She started formal dance training when she was 15, and now has a B.F.A. in Theatre and Dance from the University of Memphis, backed up by a long performance career dancing in musicals from The Rocky Horror Show to Carousel, and as a member of Project: Motion, a professional modern dance company.

Katie Salem 
Youth Dance Instructor & Jazz-Ma-Tazz Director
Katie Salem has had over 12 years experience teaching Jazz and Creative Dance to students of all ages ranging from kids to adults. She was inspired to teach dance because of the difference dance made in her personal life. Katie believes that dance should be an accessible art form for everyone regardless of age, body type, or previous experience. Katie holds a B.A. in Dance with a minor in Kinesiology from San Jose State University, ’07. She has a Teaching Credential in Physical Education with an emphasis in Dance and Elementary Laban Notation Certification. “I want my students to feel comfortable in their own skin and comfortable expressing themselves through the beauty of dance.”

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