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Sewer Service Charge
How to Calculate Your 2016-2017 Sewer Service Charge

Your sewer service charge for the fiscal year is based on water consumption for the five preceding winter months (November through March) and your rate is based on your user class. Your sewer fee can be determined by multiplying the rate for your customer class by your average annual winter water usage as illustrated in the following example.

Sewer Fee = Average Monthly Water Use X 12 Months X Rate based on user class.
EXAMPLE: Water Consumption in CCFs:
9 7 6 6 7 35 CCF
* 1 CCF = 100 cubic feet, or about 750 gallons
1. To calculate the average water use, take the TOTAL and divide it by 5.

EXAMPLE: 35/5 = 7.0 CCF/month
NOTE:  If the usage for any month is zero, the average shall be computed by using the remaining months' usage that do show water usage.

2. Annual sewer fee is calculated by multiplying the average usage by 12 to obtain the annual usage.

EXAMPLE: 7.0 CCF/month x 12 = 84

3. Determine your Class based on the charts below. Rates are based on average cost of treatment for different users.

  1. Class A (residential) – Standard
  2. Class B (commercial)- Standard
  3. Class C (commercial)- Moderate (including but not limited to hotels & motels with food preparation facilities, industrial laundries and/or supermarkets with food preparation facilities).
  4. Class D (commercial) – High (including but not limited to restaurants, wholesale bakeries, and mortuaries).
Residential Class Rate
Class A Standard (base rate x 1) $9.05/CCF
Minimum Charge $22.62/mo
Commercial Class Rate
Class B $9.05/CCF
Class C $13.39/CCF
Class D $20.27/CCF
Class E Case by Case Basis
Minimum Charge $22.62/mo
If you are a residential customer, your class would be Class A and your rate would be $9.05/CCF. The rate of $9.05 x annual usage of 84 CCF = $760.20 which represents your annual sewer service charge.

If you are a restaurant customer, your class would be Class D and your rate would be $20.27/CCF.  The rate of $20.27 x annual usage of 84 CCF = $1,702.68 which represents your annual sewer service charge.

NOTE: Minimum annual charge is $271.44 ($22.62 per month).

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