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Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)
The Sanitary Sewer Management Plan, prepared by The Department of Public Works, outlines and documents the activities that the City utilizes to manage its wastewater collection system effectively. Effective management of a collection system includes:
  • Minimizing the number and impact of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs)
  • Providing adequate sewer capacity to convey peak flows, and
  • Maintaining and improving the condition of the collection system infrastructure to provide reliable service into the future.

The report was prepared to comply with the new requirements adopted May 2, 2006, by the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) under Water Quality Order Number 2006-003, State General Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) for Sanitary Sewer Systems.

Current SSMP
Approved by City Council on 1/5/16

San Mateo’s Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

  • 2.1 Organization: PW Business Plan 2010-2016
  • 3.1 Legal Authority: Sewer Use Code
  • 3.2 Legal Authority: Sewer Use Fees
  • 3.3a Legal Authority: Estero Agreement
  • 3.3b Legal Authority: Minor Partners Agreement
  • 3.3c Legal Authority: City of Belmont Agreement
  • 4.1 O&M: Auto CAD Standards
  • 4.2 O&M: CCTV Manual
  • 4.3 O&M: Mainline Cleaning SOPs
  • 4.4 O&M: Pumpstation Maintenance
  • 4.5 O&M: Sewer Maintenance Crew Training
  • 4.6 O&M: MH Inspection Program
  • 4.7 O&M: Sewer Hot Spots Dec 2014
  • 4.8 O&M: Sewer Maintenance Dedicated Equipment & Personnel
  • 4.9 O&M: Annual Clean Schedule Maps
  • 4.10 O&M: Collection System Maps and Information
  • 5.1 Design and Performance Standards: Sanitary Sewer Details and Appurtenances
  • 6.1 OERP: Contingency Equipment
  • 6.2 OERP: Field SOP Procedures
  • 6.3 OERP: Investigation and Documentation Forms
  • 6.4 OERP: Spill Calculation and Estimation
  • 6.5 OERP: Signage and Posting Procedures
  • 6.6 OERP: Public Notification
  • 6.7 OERP: Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • 6.8 OERP: SSO Technical Report
  • 7.1 FOG: FOG Supporting Materials
  • 8.1 System Evaluation & Capacity Assurance Plan: Historic Capacity Assurance Efforts
  • 8.2 System Evaluation & Capacity Assurance Plan: Collection System Capacity Analysis
  • 8.3 System Evaluation & Capacity Assurance Plan: Integrated WW MP Exec Sum
  • 8.4 System Evaluation & Capacity Assurance Plan: CIP Budget and Schedule
  • 10.1 SSMP Program Audit: SSMP Change Log
  • 10.2 SSMP Program Audit: SSMP Audit Blank Form
  • 10.3 SSMP Program Audit: SSMP Audit Report Dec 2014
  • 11.1 Communication Program: Sewer Fee & Sewer Fund
  • 11.2 Communication Program: PLRP Outreach Program
  • 11.3 Communication Program: Sewer Maint Public Outreach
  • Correspondence From Water Board
  • City of San Mateo Correspondence

  • San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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