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Public Works: FEMA Flood Zone & Flood Insurance

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1. What is the "new" FEMA map?
2. Does the new FEMA map include additional areas?
3. What is the South Bayfront Levee and Flood Control Assessment District?
4. How do I know if my property is in the assessment district?
5. What is the difference between Assessment District Zone A and Zone B?
6. What is the difference between tidal flooding and stormwater/residual flooding?
7. What guarantees does the City have that FEMA will revise the map upon completion of the South Levee Improvements?
8. When should I get insurance?
9. When can I cancel my flood insurance?
10. Can I pay the assessment up front?
11. I am in the Flood Zone, but not in the Assessment District. Why?
12. What other projects are needed to get my neighborhood out of the flood zone?
13. Why doesn’t the City form assessment districts to fund completion of all flood related projects?
14. When will the City complete the necessary projects to get my neighborhood out of the flood zone?
15. What is the City doing to help residents stuck in the flood zone?
16. What is the National Flood Insurance Program?
17. Why was the NFIP established by Congress in 1968?
18. What are the benefits of the NFIP?
19. Why is purchasing flood insurance important to homeowners?
20. When did the City of San Mateo first join the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)? Is the City participating in the Program?
21. When the City joined the NFIP, did FEMA prepare a flood hazard map?
22. Why did FEMA produce a flood hazard map for the City of San Mateo?
23. What criteria must be met for the levee system to be certified as providing protection from the base flood?
24. What is the approximate depth of flooding in the Special Flood Hazard Areas resulting from the base flood?
25. On what basis did City officials appeal the determination made by FEMA? What has been the result of the appeal? Did the City submit any additional appeals?
26. How does the map affect residents of San Mateo?
27. Approximately how many insurable structures in the City are in the designated floodplain as shown on the FIRM?
28. How do I obtain a copy of the flood hazard map for the City of San Mateo?
29. Is flood insurance required for all structures in the floodplain?
30. What are the "grandfathering" rules of the NFIP?
31. Can City residents qualify for "grandfathered" insurance rates if they purchase flood insurance now?
32. Why do I need to purchase insurance if there has never been a flood in the neighborhood?
33. How are flood insurance premium rates calculated?
34. How much flood insurance do I need? How much does it cost?
35. How do I purchase a flood insurance policy?
36. If my agent has questions where should he/she call?
37. After my structure is removed from the flood zone, I heard there is an insurance rebate. What are the conditions?
38. Will FEMA remove areas on a "place by place" basis as improvements are made?
39. What processes are available for changing or correcting the information shown on the flood hazard map when large areas of a community are affected?
40. Under what circumstances will FEMA waive the review and processing fee for a map change request?
41. What can homeowners do if they believe their homes should not be included in an SFHA?
42. What kind of information must be submitted by a homeowner to support having a home removed from the SFHA?
43. How does FEMA respond to requests to have homes removed from the floodplain?
44. What is the difference between LOMAs and LOMR-Fs?
45. Why is the burden of proof placed on the community or person that requests a map change?
46. Does FEMA charge a fee for reviewing map change requests?
47. Does FEMA have any reference documents that would be useful to homeowners and other interested citizens?

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