Neighborhood Improvement & Housing

The Neighborhood Improvement & Housing Division manages a number of programs designed to maintain the quality of neighborhoods and build new affordable housing through local and federal funds.
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Below Market Rental Program
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Assessment of Fair Housing Logo
The City and our Countywide partners have been working on the development of the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) to better understand fair housing issues within the community.

Visit the AFH Website for more information about the process.

Get involved by submitting comments on the draft by August 31, 2017
                                        or attend the Community Relations Commission on:

                                         August 16, 2017
                                         7:00 pm
                                         San Mateo City Hall, Room C
                                         330 W 20th Avenue
                                         San Mateo CA 94403
                                         The City Council will review and approve the final draft on: 
                                         September 5, 2017
                                         7:00 pm
                                         San Mateo City Hall, Council Chambers
                                          330 W 20th Avenue
                                         San Mateo CA 94403