Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Project

Project Description:
The City of San Mateo Safe Routes to School Program’s (SR2S) main purpose is to increase the proportion of students walking or biking to school.
The project consists of the construction of pedestrian infrastructure improvements within a 1/2-mile radius of 12 elementary and middle schools in the City. Planned improvements include:
  • New ADA-compliant curb ramps
  • Crosswalk realignment and enhancement
  • Curb extensions (bulb-outs)
  • Raised concrete median refuge islands
  • Sign installation
  • Sidewalk widening from approximately 4’ to 8’
  • Sidewalk repair
Project Area:
  • George Hall Elementary School
    • San Miguel Way/Meadow Court
  • Fiesta Gardens International School
    • Ginnever Street/Bermuda Drive; 19th Avenue
  • Abbott Middle School
    • Hillsdale Boulevard/Fernwood Street, Fernwood Street/36th Avenue, Southwood Avenue/36th Avenue, Kenwood Avenue/36th Avenue, Alameda De Las Pulgas/36th Avenue
  • Bayside STEM Academy
    • Kehoe Avenue/Van Buren Street
  • Horrall Elementary
    • Cottage Grove/Oceanview Avenue, Shoreview Avenue/Dale Avenue
  • Parkside Elementary
    • Eisenhower Street/Wellesey Avenue, South Norfolk Street/Halsey Avenue
  • Sunnybrae Elementary
    • South Delaware Street/10th Avenue, West Grant Place
  • Beresford Elementary
    • 28th Avenue/Juniper Street
  • Meadow Heights
    • Sequoia Avenue/Dolores Avenue, Parkside Way, 28th Avenue/Mason Lane, 28th Avenue/Parkview Way
  • Borel Middle School
    • Barneson Avenue/Quince Street
  • Park Elementary
    • West Bellevue Avenue
  • Baywood Elementary
    • Alameda De Las Pulgas/Kentucky Avenue, Alameda De Las Pulgas/Woodland Drive, Alameda De Las Pulgas/Aragon Boulevard
Construction Impacts:
Work hours will be from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. During construction roadway and sidewalk closures will occur. Resultant impacts may include:
  • Inaccessible driveways and curbside parking within construction zone
  • Traffic delay
  • Traffic detour
  • Pedestrian detour
The City will work with the Contractor to minimize the impacts as much as possible. Construction is expected to last approximately 6 months due to the numerous locations spread throughout the City.

Project Status:
Construction award is anticipated for May 2017, with construction starting in June 2017.

Project Manager:
Elton Yee, Assistant Engineer
Phone: 650-522-7320
Email Elton Yee