39th Avenue Street Reconstruction Project

Short Description of Project:
The Department of Public Works is implementing a street reconstruction project at 39th Avenue from Pacific Boulevard to Orinda Drive.

Pacific Boulevard to Curtiss Street:
This project consists of: reconstruction of the pavement section, overlay of 4.5 inches of new asphalt concrete pavement, installation of traffic speed hump and wheelchair ramps where applicable, and the repair of concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveway approaches to maintain stormwater surface runoff along the street.
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"Street Reconstruction" generally includes the removal of all existing asphalt surfacing, excavation of the road subgrade materials, and utility relocation work as necessary. The road is re-built from the bottom-up, with new aggregate base and new asphalt concrete pavement.

Curtiss Street to Orinda Drive:
This section of 39th Avenue will undergo Street Rehabilitation. This involves grinding and replacing 2 inches of asphalt concrete pavement, including repairs to the base layers underneath.

Completed Work:
As a prerequisite of the Street Reconstruction Project, the City of San Mateo authorized utility companies to perform utility relocation work in advance of the street reconstruction work. In August to November 2016, utility companies had substantially completed the utility relocation work. Site restoration work is ongoing pending on-site conditions.

Upcoming Work (Update as of April 2017):
Street Reconstruction Work: Summer 2017

Benefits of Work:
- New street surface (Pacific Boulevard to Orinda Drive)
- Adding wheelchair access ramps
- Improved sidewalks, curbs, and gutter to assist stormwater runoff

Impacted Areas:39th Avenue – Pacific Boulevard to Orinda Drive

City of San Mateo:
Elton Yee, Assistant Engineer
Phone: 650-522-7320