Storm Drainage System

The City's storm drainage system is comprised of:
  • 130 miles of storm drains
  • 20 miles of open creeks and drainage channels
  • 1 flood control lagoon
  • 9 pumping stations
  • 3 mile bayfront levee

Storm runoff and other sources of "outdoor drainage" typically flow into street drains which are connected to the nearest creek or watercourse. Storm drainage does not receive treatment to remove substances that might be harmful to aquatic insects, fish and wildlife.

The City is required by law to prevent contamination of stormwater by utilizing clean work practices, inspecting businesses and construction activities, and educating the public. The City is a member of a comprehensive countywide effort to prevent stormwater pollution. For more information, visit San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program (SMCWPPP).

The City maintains a complete inventory of storm drainage infrastructure. To view or acquire a storm drain map for a specific area, contact Public Works. Also, a regional map of local creek watersheds and storm drainage basins is also available for purchase. For more information, contact the Oakland Museum.