Contact Information

Contacts Listed by Functions
Listed below are the functions of the Wastewater Treatment Plant staff and contact information. If you cannot reach an extension directly, dial “0” and another staff member will assist you.

Our Location
Wastewater Treatment Plant
2050 Detroit Drive
San Mateo, CA 94404

General Inquiries
Phone: (650) 522-7380
Fax: (650) 522-7381

Environmental Services Deputy Director
Name: Gary DeJesus
Phone: (650) 522-7309

Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager
Name: Jan Guy
Phone: (650) 522-7386

Operations Superintendent
Name: Pete Dalla-Betta
Phone: (650) 522-7376

Maintenance Superintendent
Name: Sameet Shankar
Phone: (650) 522-7284

Regulatory Compliance Manager
Name: Sarah Scheidt
Phone: (650) 522-7385

Laboratory Supervisor
Name: Xionbing Liang
Phone: (650) 522-7388